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These photos were by ourselves and the builder to show the progress of the restoration until March 2003.

Work on the portico begins Another view of the work on the portico
Roof on the portico Another view of the work on the portico

Work on the house over the last few months.
The roof is now finished as are the external
Roof with new replaced tiles. Taken in March
View of the church from the roof Side of house showing new bathroom

These are photos taken February and March.

Roof being repaired Insulation tiles being put on
Excavation following demolition
of old sheds.
Foundations for new terrace begins
Sewage pipes go in to prepare
for new bathrooms
Scaffolding begins to go up.
Scaffolding now up to the roof. Castle and house both being restored.
Old kitchen tiles removed. Ceilings removed from upstairs show
beamed ceilings.
Corridor created from central bedroom.
Allows access to bathroom for both bedrooms.
Middle bedroom.
Main bedroom with ceiling removed.
Beams will be sandblasted.

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