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These pictures are of the house when we first bought it.

The ceiling of the stable. This will be
sandblasted to provide a beamed living room
The stable will become the living room / dining area.
Currently it has the animal troughs
The back door leading from the stable to the garden The left side of stable. The door
which leads to the sheds
will be blocked up and a chimney built.
The current kitchen will become the main bathroom.
The chimney will be rebuilt downstairs.
The old living quarters will become the main bedroom.
Other side of old living quarters
which will become the main bedroom.
The old stairs which leads
to the old front door.
This door will be made into a window.
Current bathroom. The boiler in current bathroom.
The current kitchen floor in the new part
of the house. Hope to replace it.
The bedrooms upstais are in
reasonable condition. Just need
the ceilings replastered and a
coat of paint.

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